WHAT WE DOHealthier women, healthier communities.

Women’s College Hospital Foundation is proud to work together with a generous community of over 33,000 dedicated individuals, corporations and foundations to support the highest priority needs of Women’s College Hospital, Canada’s leader in transforming healthcare for women and for all. 

What do WCH’s focus areas mean for you and your family? They mean early detection and prevention of breast cancer. They mean less time in hospital and quicker recoveries. They mean the very best care provided to people of all backgrounds. And they mean better, healthier lives lived well.

<strong>Advancing </strong>better healthcare for women
Advancing better healthcare for women
<strong>Innovating </strong>to build a stronger healthcare system for all
Innovating to build a stronger healthcare system for all
Global leadership in care for complex <strong>chronic conditions. </strong>
Global leadership in care for complex chronic conditions. 

Women’s Cancers

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at WCH will drive forward a bold new national strategy designed to transform care for women’s cancers on a national scale, in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Reaching women, their families, health care practitioners and educators in communities across our country, we have a mission so save lives by stopping cancer before it starts.

Your Stories


After being diagnosed with a severe thyroid disorder and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and being unsuccessfully treated by three separate endocrinologists, I was referred to Dr. Sheila Laredo at Women’s College Hospital. The moment I met her, I knew I was in good hands. She was patient and kind but also direct. After years of failed tries and fertility treatments, she helped me finally get pregnant.   But most...

Your Stories

Rosalind Gill

Rosalind Gill struggled with chronic hip pain for years and even feared she would need a hip replacement before finally receiving a diagnosis – fibromyalgia. A complex chronic condition, fibromyalgia causes musculoskeletal pain that can be difficult to manage. Treatment often involves medication but Rosalind was hoping to find a more holistic approach. “After receiving my diagnosis, I began looking for alternatives to...

Your Stories

Kaori Noguchi

Born with congenital hip dysplasia, Kaori was always aware that she may face painful mobility issues later in life. She remained active in an attempt to keep herself mobile and manage her condition until she experienced a pain in her hip that she had never felt before.“I’ll never forget the sound my hip made that day while I was on a run. It was a huge crack!” says Kaori. “I immediately knew I had done...

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