Vincenza's story

2019-02-13 9:51:28 AM

After experiencing an unexpected heart attack that threatened her health and shook her confidence, Vincenza was searching for a way to feel empowered in her recovery. Following the advice of a friend, she asked to be referred to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Women’s College Hospital – the first and only program of its kind in Canada focused exclusively on women’s heart health.

“[The program] really focuses on ‘you are well and we are going to try to give you the tools to continue to be well and to continue to get stronger’,” reflected Vincenza.

The WCH Cardiac Rehabilitation Program incorporates evidence-based research specific to women in order to address the important nuances of their care – such as the physiological differences between men and women that are often overlooked. But the gender-specific care isn’t the only benefit Vincenza was grateful to receive, “I was able to meet a whole network of women, both care providers and colleagues. Being part of this program really turned around my attitude. I felt a little bit more empowered, like I could do something for my health,” she says.

The hospital’s commitment to understanding the unique needs of women and their care really resonated with Vincenza, and had an important impact on her recovery, “I was just so committed to being part of the program,” she says. “I’m very inspired by the potential – being part of Women’s College Hospital has really changed my attitude and my approach to my own healthcare and I feel like I can move forward.” 

Today, Vincenza volunteers at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and continues to share her story to help empower other women to take charge of their health and advocate for their wellbeing.

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