Driven by the need to make a difference, Zvelle launches Stowe sandal in support of WCH

2018-07-16 4:41:57 PM

Ask any of the female philanthropists who give so generously to Women’s College Hospital why they do it and it isn’t long before one particular woman’s name comes up in the conversation: Dr. Emily Stowe.

Medical pioneer and the founder of Women’s College Hospital, Dr. Stowe fought for the right to practice medicine in Canada and has inspired generations of trailblazing women to break down barriers and advocate for the health of women.

Elle AyoubZadeh, founder and creative director of Zvelle, a luxury web-based shoe company, is one such woman who has drawn influence from Dr. Stowe’s grit and determination.

“I will never forget that the rights and opportunities that I take for granted today are because women like Dr. Stowe spoke up,” she says. “I can’t even begin to understand how hard she had to fight to get WCH started. Women like her inspire me.”

AyoubZadeh also cites Dr. Stowe as an inspiration for her charitable contributions to WCH. Driven by her desire to make impactful change, AyoubZadeh designed a new sandal for her footwear line in honour of Dr. Stowe. $5 from every Stowe sandal sold will be donated to Women’s College Hospital Foundation.

“I think businesses can have a positive impact in the world and I certainly want to do something positive with my company,” says AyoubZadeh. “That’s why we give to Women’s College Hospital Foundation. The building itself still has the essence of the women who fought for this hospital all those years ago – Emily Stowe is still there.”

Thank you, Zvelle, for joining us in our efforts to close the health gaps and revolutionize healthcare for all!
Shop the Stowe sandal in support of Women’s College Hospital here.