Happy 11th birthday to WCH triplets Kathryn, Peirce, and Charlie!

2019-03-05 4:29:10 PM

Happy 11th birthday to WCH triplets Kathryn, Peirce, and Charlie!
On March 6, 2008, Alyson Chapman and Andy Donovan were delighted to welcome three new bundles of joy into their family with the birth of their triplets – Kathryn, Peirce and Charlie. In celebration of the triplets’ 11th birthday, the family chose to give US a birthday gift by making a special donation in tribute to the wonderful care they experienced at Women’s College Hospital. Here they reflect on the care they received and share a special wish for their three precious children:

After many challenges and struggles, the joyful news that Alyson was finally pregnant made the soon-to-be parents ecstatic. Understanding, however, that they faced a high-risk pregnancy, Alyson and Andy were relieved to find supportive care at Women’s College Hospital’s High Risk Pregnancy Clinic.
Alyson had a fairly easy pregnancy. She remembers feeling fully supported by the clinic, and seeing the progress of the babies during her weekly appointments reassured her that they were growing and developing properly.

IMG_0338.JPGAt just shy of 31 weeks, however, she stopped into her local pharmacy to test her blood pressure and realized it was dangerously high. Knowing the potential risk to her babies, she and Andy immediately checked into WCH where they learned that the safest course of action would be to deliver the triplets.

“One of the young nurses that was there that day was so excited and I remember her saying ‘Triplets! I’m so excited! It’s my first day!” laughs Alyson. “I’m not sure if that’s information we necessarily wanted to hear but we loved how excited everyone was.”

“What Women’s College Hospital did throughout that experience was just phenomenal,” remembers Andy.  “We often look back on those days fondly. The hospital is a place that we constantly point out to the kids if we drive by. We just had such a great experience.”

“The care we received at WCH was such a fantastic launch to their lives and we are so proud of who they are growing up to be,” shares Andy. My biggest wish is for them to be happy, continue to be healthy and to find their way and niche in life.”


Alyson hopes that Kathryn, Peirce and Charlie will always be able to love themselves. “In whatever they decide to do, I hope they can put their best foot forward and that they can make an impact on the world through kindness,” she says.

Although their family dynamic has changed since that time, Alyson and Andy continue to enjoy co-parenting the triplets and enjoy activities as a family unit.

Women’s College Hospital Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks to Alyson and Andy for their generous support of Women’s College Hospital and we wish Kathryn, Peirce and Charlie a very happy birthday!
If you are interested in honouring a member of the WCH staff with a special donation in their name, please learn more here.