Women Paying it Forward

April 24 | 05:30 PM | Toronto

Join us on Wednesday, April 24th to learn about a new kind of virtual reality - real world applications of technology that are revolutionizing healthcare and how we experience care.

Of the thousands of health apps, which really work? How can technology help us lead better, healthier lives and keep us, and our family members, out of hospital?

Internationally-acclaimed and award winning Dr. Sacha Bhatia, co-founder of WIHV, Women’s College Hospital’s Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care, will be presenting how his team is doing just that by transforming healthcare virtually while taking a few pointers from pro sports. Find out how our generation is leading a seismic shift in health care. Presented by Women’s College Hospital’s neWCHapter young professionals association, we are Women Paying It Forward in knowledge and philanthropy for generations to come.

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For general event inquiries, please contact Randi MacQueen at randi.macqueen@wchospital.ca or at 416-323-6323 ext. 5985.