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Your Impact

Your Impact

Your donation to Women’s College Hospital is a gift of hope and strength for women and families everywhere.

To learn more about the impact of your generosity, click on each of the three focus areas below.

What do WCH’s focus areas mean for you and your family? They mean early detection and prevention of breast cancer. They mean less time in hospital and quicker recoveries. They mean the very best care provided to people of all backgrounds. And they mean better, healthier lives lived well.

Advancing better healthcare for women.

Your donations support the translation of groundbreaking research into innovative new models of care that are dramatically improving the health of women, girls and their families.
Key areas of research and clinical care include:

  • Breast and ovarian cancers
  • Women and aging
  • Women’s cardiac health
  • Women’s mental health
Innovating to build a stronger healthcare system for all.

Your generosity helps WCH experts develop new solutions for the challenges facing the health system. The result is better and more cost-effective care that gets patients home to their families sooner.
Key impact areas include:

  • New models of surgery that allow patients to recover faster from home
  • New mobile apps that give patients access to their care teams from home
  • Eliminating unnecessary testing
  • Free genetic testing for inherited breast cancer genes
Global leadership in treating chronic health conditions.

Your gifts help women and their loved ones prevent and manage complex health challenges and live healthier, more independent lives.
Key impact areas include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Migraine & headache
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